What we do? – Key Differentiator

Upbeat | Un-Conventional | Learner - Centric

Learning Incubation Labs

  • 45 days of intensive residential language training / Incubation program
  • A signature program designed to incubate the basics of English into learners, making its usage and practice a habit.

Skill Development & Enhancement Programs

  • Technical and behavioral programs developed to enhance the skills and competence of learners.
  • Fun, interactive, cutting edge blended learning solutions
  • Niche and contemporary content
  • Up-beat, un-conventional & learner centric faculty

Train The Trainer

  • Handcrafted pedagogy to reinvent the ‘passionate guru’ – in each trainer !
  • Exposure to contemporary facilitation tools and methods
  • Psychology based participant engagement kits and activities – for proven stimulation and reflection in the participants.

CSR, Diversity & Sensitization

  • Meaningful initiatives and integral fund usage.
  • Networked with 65 + NGOs and environment evangelists.
  • Technology interface to tract fund usage and optimization.